Keen Footwear Brand Image

KEEN footwear began with a moment of pure vision and a simple design challenge:

Can a sandal protect the toes?

The answer was YES. The answer was the NEWPORT

From the Newport, KEEN created a company built on hybrid innovation, redefining the outdoors and giving back to the community.


KEEN is committed to innovation in all things. Funny how this one radical departure for sandals inspired an overriding philosophy for KEEN; hybrid products that allow consumers to connect with the outdoors in its entirety. It is also the catalyst for the initial brand value, hybrid innovation. A commitment to innovation that inspires us in everything we do. It is what KEEN was founded on and continues to be the one core value that fuels growth at KEEN.

KEEN is committed to considering the effects of each choice we make when designing out footwear, developing out packaging and creating our environment. In short KEEN doesn’t react, KEEN creates.
The Outdoors

KEEN believes the outdoors is any place without a ceiling. From the coastline to the mountains, from the city street to the desert and all those places in between that are like nowhere else. KEEN products are designed to enhance every outdoor adventure.

KEEN treats the outdoor crowd as a community and we invite everyone.

The KEEN definition of the outdoors doesn’t end with where our products take you. KEEN believes the outdoor crowd is a global community of people trying to balance the things that matter most. Keen is inspired by the woman hanging from the sheer rock face, but we are even more inspired by the trainers, friends, peers and supporters who help get her there.

Giving Back

KEEN is committed to making a positive difference. KEEN is more than an outdoor company. We strive with a conscience, by making a positive difference, giving back to the greater community and caring for the environment which we all share and depend one. We also believe in the power of a brand to inspire others to create positive change in the world we live in.

Inspired by the effects of the Tsunami disaster in 2004, KEEN has dedicated both time and financial resources to social and environmental organisations actively working towards the greater good. This action is what launched our Hybrid.Care initiative. It’s about how we affect change. And what we choose to make a priority.