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Ledlenser Outdoor Series

This year, Ledlenser is putting their new ‘Outdoor Series’ of portable lighting solutions in the limelight – a range of products developed by their in-house team of professionals with the ultimate outdoor experience in mind. Three headlamps and four torches ensure any individual needs are met – for amateur sports enthusiasts through to top athletes. Whether in the wilderness, atop a mountain, or on the water – with the new series, outdoor adventures are equipped with the right light in any situation. Functionality, design and use have been specially developed for experiencing nature at night. Ledlenser offers three powerful headlamps, the MH10, MH6 and MH2, for everyone who needs to keep their hands free. All adventurers can keep a firm hold on light with the four torches (MT18, MT14, MT10, and MT6).

A colour attachment can be easily fitted to the pocket torches (MT10, MT14, and MT18) as well as the head-torch (MH10) to ensure consistent, optimum visibility while hunting and fishing or even in fog.

All new products at a glance:

The headlamp is distinguished by its minimal weight, versatility, and superb light output of up to 600 lumen! Close-up and distance vision can be perfectly adjusted using the step-less focus. Speed charging technology fully charges the light in just eight hours, offering up to 120 hours’ battery life. A red rear light and an emergency light function when the battery is running low offer additional visibility and security.
Recommended Retail Price: $174.95

Experience the special charm of the night with the new Ledlenser Outdoor series. The MH6 has three light modes: Power, Low Power and Blink, which can be intuitively operated using the front switch. With a light output of 200 lumen and a lighting range of up to 120 metres, the MH6 can be relied upon to light up roads and paths. The USB rechargeable battery is a unique component of the MH6, where it can either be charged directly from the unit, or removed and charged independently to make room for operation with 3 x AAA alkaline batteries. An integrated charging indicator shows the battery level and provides a warning in sufficient time when the battery is running low.
Recommended Retail Price: $109.95

The MH2 is the Outdoor series’ entry-level headlamp. It produces 100 lumens, thus offering high performance at a low price. Its ability to provide light for up to 40 hours makes it a handy companion for short or spontaneous adventures. The headlamp can also be operated with one hand and features a rapid focus system. The headband on the MH10, MH6 or MH2 can be replaced or washed and therefore always stays hygienically clean.
Recommended Retail Price: $79.95

The MT18 offers bright illumination on any dark night. It produces up to 3,000 lumens and provides a lighting range of up to 540 metres, lighting up nighttime surroundings. The homogeneous light is excellent at illuminating everything from a small campsite to vast expanses. An integrated transport lock prevents the torch from being turned on accidentally, thus preserving battery power. The brightest torch of the series has a USB 3.0 connection through which the 10,200 mAh battery can be charged in just eight hours.
Recommended Retail Price: $399.00

The handy MT14 offers 1,000 lumens, a lighting range of up to 180 metres and provides light for up to 192 hours. Speed charging ensures that the battery-operated torch is ready for use again after eight hours. It can be operated with one hand and also uses Smart Light Technology, which provides the ideal light function at all times.
Recommended Retail Price: $219.00

Weighing in at a mere 156g and 12.8cm in length, the MT10 is truly lightweight and can fit in any jacket pocket. The battery operation and speed charging system ensure that the torch is fully charged after just six hours and can offer up to 144 hours’ battery life. The small diameter also makes the MT10 suitable for illuminating narrow spaces or rock crevices.
Recommended Retail Price: $179.95

Stable, robust, and compact – the MT6, the series’ most cost-efficient Outdoor flashlight, is impressive on all counts. It produces 600 lumen, which is ideal for night-time hikes or walks. The one-handed focusing makes it easy to use and allows the light beam to be adjusted quickly. Like all other lights in the Outdoor series, the MT6 can be used in temperatures ranging between -20 °C and +40 °C.
Recommended Retail Price: $129.95

About Ledlenser:
Located in Solingen, Germany, Ledlenser is among the world’s leading producers of quality LED torches and headlamps. Synonymous with quality and innovation, the light experts have been offering a wide range of products for over 20 years. All Ledlenser products come with a five-year guarantee that can now be extended to up to seven years by registering on the website.