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Safety Boots – Steel Toe Cap vs Composite Toe Cap

Safety Boot Toe Caps

When purchasing safety boots, it is important to know the material from which the toe cap is made. Some boots have steel toe caps while others have composite toe caps. So long as they comply with Australian and New Zealand Safety Footwear Standard AS/NZS 2210.3, both types of caps protect your feet while you are work, but what is the difference between them and what is the best protection for you?

Steel Blue Workboots On The JobBoots with steel toe caps contain a piece of steel in the toe area to protect your toes from a number of different hazards in the workplace. Steel toe caps offer more flat protection than composite toe caps and can essentially handle heavier weights above the basic safety requirement compared to composite toe caps. It is important to note however that unless you are in an exceptionally hazardous environment with the possibility of items with enormous weight falling on or piercing your toes, you’re unlikely to be in a situation where your composite toe cap is at a risk of shattering. Steel toe caps have high puncture resistance and they don’t shatter, snap, or weaken over time. They are also generally cheaper than composite toe caps.

Composite toe caps are usually lighter. They are made of materials like Kevlar and carbon fibre.  They are also completely metal free and therefore do not conduct electricity. Composite toe caps also save time for people who have to pass through metal detectors such as those who work in nuclear plants, security, the courts, or airports. They also offer great insulation in cold climates.

When it comes to choosing between a steel toe cap and a composite toe cap, the major deciding factors will be the job and environment in which they are being used. Both materials have their own unique properties which make them incredible protective materials. Ballina Camping and Disposals and Rhino Workwear have both types of toe caps in store so you can be sure of getting the best safety boots for whatever you do for work.